Morshed Hasan

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Research Officer

Affiliations and Universities

University of Chittagong, Chittagong – 4331, Bangladesh


Mr. Morshed Hossan Molla has been working in YPSA (Young Power in Social Action) as a Research Officer, Chittagong, Bangladesh since 2015. He has completed M. Phil (Master of Philosophy) in Geography and Environmental Studies from University of Chittagong. The research entitled “Management of Urban Water Bodies in Bangladesh: a Case Study of Chittagong Metropolitan City”. Besides, he has published seventeen scientific articles in different eminent journals (10 articles published an international and 07 articles published in national level). Moreover, three scientific papers were presented at home and abroad, 01 article published on ‘Suvinor at World Water Day’ Published by DoE and 01 book have been published in Germany Lambert Academic Publishing. In addition,, few research papers have been submitted for final publication. Morshed has received B. Sc (Honors), Merit Scholarship, Chittagong University, 2010, nominated of Merit Scholarship on Ministry of Science and Technology, 2011 and Fellowship (M. Phil), Social Science Research Council, Ministry of Planning, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh 2013. Besides, he has been working as an associate Editor – The Journal of Social Change, YPSA, Bangladesh ( ISSN: 1997-938X).He has good generalship on the using of ArcGIS-10.3, SPSS (Statistical Package For the Social Science), CAP (Community Analysis Package) and PRIMER 7 along with Inherent concentration on Lab analysis of environmental parameters, especially Physiochemical, biological and trace metals respectively.



Discipline Areas

Water Quality and Human Health, Water Resource Management.

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Social Worker along with practitioner of quantitative method somewhat qualitative method. Be a limnologist, where every biotic components are existing on their favorable environment.

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