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Porridge stuck in velvet – a dish made from fruit, weeds, that grow around the field after the red harvest, which is the suffering velvet. It has dark green top them with tomatoes, but only the baby by seeds ripe papaya, spicy spicy, bitter sweet special. To have a tasty gruel seemingly simple, actually requires a lot of mind of the cook. The main bowl of porridge stuck in velvet is the clever, climb, billion listings of ethnic minority women in Son La Vietnam. To have tasty gruel, must first have delicious rice, rice select the type of dull aroma often is the new rice. Boil water until bubbling slightly new for rice. When a porridge is need to very pay attention to the fire, the first is for the big fire to boil the water, then gradually smaller, not in a hurry, so until the a cup of delicious porridge. In the process, stew porridge, minced meat, ribs, pork roast, dried or smoked for the porridge to stew. Time tunnel porridge also must be sufficient. Not too long, not well turn off the fire soon, otherwise the porridge will be too concentrated or too diluted, losing flavor characteristics. When the rice grains bloom sprung for the expensive velvet, with ginger julienne, roasted peppers, dry and discharge into the pot of porridge stir stew a little bit longer for the water to porridge becomes slightly then turn off the heat.
Source: Dat phong khach san


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