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The MethodSpace focus for August was on teaching research methods, and we’re continuing in September with resources on mentoring, supervising, and guiding researchers. You can find the whole series here.

What makes a good mentor in a research context? That is the question discussed in an earlier post. Skills, expertise, awareness, attitudes, and behaviors were mapped to three main categories of knowing, doing, and being.

In this collection of posts I will share SAGE Research Methods Reading Lists related to these broad topics. Ethics are an essential part of mentors’ research knowledge.

The first Reading List includes a wide range of materials on research ethics. (Please note that if you are reading this post via email, you might need to log in to see the embedded list.)

The second and third lists includes resources about ethics and online or digital methods. This one is about online research generally,

and this list contains chapters from Doing Qualitative Research Online:

The fourth Reading List focuses specifically on academic honesty and plagiarism.

I curate these lists to make it easier for you to find relevant books, chapters, articles, cases, and videos. You can share the lists, or pull resources into your own public or private lists. 

Learn more about SRM: A Primer on Getting the Most out of SAGE Research Methods. If your library doesn’t offer SRM, you would like to access the SAGE resources mentioned in this post, explore SAGE Research Methods with a free trial.


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