MethodSpace: Space to Pursue a Passion for Inquiry

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Are you new to SAGE MethodSpace? Wondering what we are trying to accomplish? This site is home to three areas: the main MethodSpace blog (with its interest groups, resources links and events calendar) , MentorSpace, and the Big Data Hub. Visitors can learn about emerging and well-tested methods and approaches on MethodSpace, gain practical how-to advice on MentorSpace, and find new ideas about analyzing and understanding Big Data on the Hub. Together, the community aims to support and encourage researchers, academics, and students, scholar-practitioners and professionals across the social and behavioral sciences. The common thread? A passion for inquiry.

A passion for inquiry percolates through the multidisciplinary MethodSpace community. Some of us are immersed in research, including design, conduct, data management, analysis, and interpretation. Others want to discover relevant findings and innovative new directions (within or across disciplines). We might be focused on learning how best to write about and share our own results, or how to create visuals, media, or practical materials. We might be committed to sharing results through publishing in scholarly journals or books, presenting at conferences, and posting on blogs or social media. We might be attentive to our own learning, or to the needs of the next generation we are teaching, supervising, mentoring, or coaching. MethodSpace visitors will find posts on all of these research-related activities.

When you register on the site, you will receive new posts by email. You also have the ability to post comments and build your network of friends.

Here are a few posts that exemplify the range of approaches represented on MethodSpace:

Monthly posts include the “Big Data and Social Research Roundup” newsletter and the “MethodsMinute” newsletter. Posts also explore emerging and reliable qualitative research methods, including multimodal and creative, approaches.

This collection of posts covers writing and publishing: Write with Purpose, Publish for Impact. Posts offer tips for finding motivation, getting organized, or reviving sidelined projects.

Sharing Results
You can find practical suggestions and examples for presenting your research, creating conference posters or other visual materials, or sharing research on social media or blogs.

Teaching and Learning
Posts offer information about conferences and other lifelong learning opportunities, as well as strategies for teaching methods and using inquiry models to teach disciplinary content.

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