More than a Month: Black History

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This series of posts corresponds to the 2018 SAGE Research Methods Open House. If you would like to access the SAGE e-books, articles, case studies, videos, and datasets mentioned in these posts, explore SAGE Research Methods with a free trial.


The courage of those who fought against slavery and for civil rights In the United States is honored in the month of February. While school children honor heroes of the past during this month, clearly issues of racial equality cannot be viewed as historical phenomena, as is evident from the sharp increase in hate crimes in 2016, Nor are these struggles limited to the United States. (See the recent Methodspace post on a case study about the spread of hate messages in Europe.) What can we learn from scholarly research to better understand these complex issues? As researchers, what do we need to know in order to design studies that will have a meaningful impact and improve pubic understanding? How can we engage respectfully with diverse participants?

These are, of course, enormous questions that will require more than one fleeting month of exploration. To get started, I’ve collected sources from SAGE Research Methods into a Reading List. These sources include a wide range of books, chapters, articles, and case studies about race, racism, and research methods for studying them.

You can  share the list with colleagues and students or save the list into your own account. You can create your own list(s) on topics more precisely aligned to your own interests. (If you make your list public, please share the link in the comment area so I can learn from you!)


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