Multimodal and Visual Methods: A Research Conversation

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Mixed and multimethods research are our focus for May. This tag will take you to the series as it unfolds.

See what I mean?

How do we communicate when we want to encourage our readers to not only grasp what we are saying, but also to create their own meanings? Research impact depends on our efforts to convey more than a summation of facts. We also need to invite readers in– be they other academics or students, practitioners or parents. Visuals can help us achieve these objectives. We can think about integrating visual elements into the research from the initial design, instead of waiting to visualize results. This integration of methods, visual approaches and more text- or verbally-based approaches, is of particular interest to qualitative researchers. The topic is relevant given our May focus on multimodal and mixed methods.

Dr. Sharon Ravitch was MethodSpace Mentor-in-Residence for March. Many of her guest posts included striking visuals from her collaborative partner, Dr. Jane Shore. (Read the posts here.) I wanted to learn more about their thinking about visuals and qualitative research. See our conversation, and use the comment area to add any questions or ideas.

We briefly discussed ways to use visual multimodal methods in online research, and touched on options from the Typology of Online Methods (Salmons, 2016).

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