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Several resources are available and on-going, particularly regarding Performative Social Science:

Special Issue on Performative Social Science in the online qualitative journal, FQS

Performative Social Science at the Centre for Qualitative Research, Bournemouth University

Narrative Research + Performative Social Science website of Dr Kip Jones

You can now join us on an email discussion list Performative Social Science (PerformSocSci)

“A Biographic Researcher in Pursuit of an Aesthetic:The use of arts based (re)presentations in ‘performative’ dissemination of life stories”

KIPWORLD Dr Kip Jones’ weblog

Upcoming Presentation
Keynote, 2009 Narrative Practitioner Conference, ‘Narratives in Health and Social Justice’, Keele University, Staffordshire 22nd – 24th June 2009

Video: Social Science in search of its Muse

The goal of my life is to unify serious scholarship and popular culture, even if I break my neck in doing so”
–Kip Jones, paraphrasing composer, Alfred Schnittke