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This month MethodSpace will focus on emerging and online research methods– emerging ideas about research and how we can keep conducting inquiries during the pandemic. You will find interviews with innovative authors and researchers, original posts, and open-access resources. In September SAGE is a sponsor for the Nvivo conference, Qualitative Research in a Changing World, so we’ll highlight content and speakers from this global event. Check back throughout the month– find the evolving series of posts here.

The ‘Do Better Research‘ podcast came out of a need to shift delivery of a postgraduate research methods module online – traditional lectures were not going to deliver the kind of learning experience we want for the students, and it would become more difficult to bring in ‘guest lecturers’ to speak to and deliver practical workshops.

The Do Better Research podcast
can be found on Spotify:

Podcasts seemed like an interesting alternative. It gave me the opportunity to bring in many more research voices that I would have otherwise been able to do, presenting students with multiple perspectives and research methods, in a format that was accessible and familiar. ‘Do Better Research’ is, as I call it, a ‘learning focused’ podcast. It presents discussions with researchers and business professionals with the aim of imparting practical information on how to ‘do’ research – from research design, to ethical considerations, to the literature review. It is my hope that it also introduces a range of new and exciting ideas that students of research may not have considered before, which makes it which makes it an interesting resource for researchers at any level – whether that be undergraduate, postgraduate or postdoctoral. 

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