New SRMO Designs In

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We’ve had some updated designs in from iFactory this week. I’m really happy with how these are looking! The challenge has been to include all the functionality that we heard would be valuable when looking for literature on research methods, but at the same time still keeping the pages as clean and intuitive as possible. Any feedback that you have, as always, would be very valuable.

Below is the design for a page that displays a book chapter (the text is all in Latin at the moment!). The Table of Contents and the book title are clearly displayed and then the book chapter is displayed in a single html page to make it very easy to scroll through the literature to understand whether it is something that you would like to read in more depth. Cite, print and “View full screen” options are available, just above the chapter title.

One of our concerns is how difficult it might be to navigate very long chapters, and you can see below that we are experimenting with inserting the list of sub headings within a chapter at each sub heading level to allow you to review and jump to sub headings easily. Any thoughts on this as a way to effectively navigate the chapter?

The next design below is an overview of a set of search results (again it is all full of dummy data at the moment). You can see that search results contain book chapters and encyclopedia entries, full books and journal articles, and there are ways that you can filter these results in the right hand column of the page.

In this design you can also see some very early designs that we are looking at for the Methods Map that will link you out to related methods to the term that you have searched for. We are doing alot of work with the Methods Map at the moment – we have about 4000 terms in the taxonomy currently and it is out for review by some of our key authors. More on that in my next blog post!

Please do pass on any feedback you have, either direct to me via the email function on Methodspace, or as a comment to this blog post for others to review and contribute to. Do also join our Methodspace group here to follow the development through 2010.