New Year, New Decade, New Thinking about Research!

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Welcome to a new year of SAGE MethodSpace! Let’s welcome 2020 with fresh thinking about our work as researchers, writers, and instructors or supervisors working with student or novice researchers.

MethodSpace will continue to offer original posts, content from other respected sites, interviews with methodologists and researchers, practical tips, and links to resources. We’ll interact with you through four webinars in 2020, as well as occasional Tweetchats. Monthly themes will allow us to go in greater depth than is possible with a single post. We’ll look at each focus topic from a variety of perspectives, including posts from Mentors-in-Residence willing to share their expertise.

We’ll start by focusing on Researchers’ Roles, including characteristics we can strive to achieve, and practices we can use to improve our work. We’ll consider commonalities for all scholarly researchers, as well as particular issues for those engaged in qualitative, quantitative, Big Data, or mixed methods.

Here is the complete list of themes for 2020:

1 Researchers’ Roles: Power and Respect. Dynamics with participants, populations and sampling, research ethics.  
2 Indigenous and Intercultural Research. Doing research within and across cultures.  
3 Theory and Research Design. Developing and using theories and theoretical frameworks.
4 Interdisciplinary Research. Understanding and bridging research practices across disciplines.  
5 Mixed Methods and Multimethods. Using multiple methods within and across qualitative and quantitative paradigms.  
6 – 7     Research Careers. Clarifying goals, building our brands, and finding opportunities in academic and other settings.  
8 Resources for Teaching & Learning Research. Welcoming readers to the SAGE Research Methods Open House and previewing new books and instructional ideas for a new academic year.  
9 Emerging Methods. Examining new approaches to qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods.  
10 Action Research and Research Activism. Looking at researchers’ efforts in times and places of social upheaval and change. Understanding politization of research on social, climate, other issues.  
11 Publishing Trends (AcWriMo). Encouraging all academic writers to make progress on their work. Considering implications of publishing trends such as open access, blogging, mini-books, electronic journals .  
12 Building Trust & Credibility in a Skeptical World. Exploring ways to create authentic impact and cultivate respect for research findings.  

Ideas? Suggestions? Use the comment box below.

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