Nurturing the Researchers of Tomorrow: MethodSpace Live Webinar

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Are you interested in learning new ways to teach research methods, in the classroom or in the field? Do you want to teach in ways that that emphasize inquiry and critical thinking? Do you want to strengthen your ability to guide students who are designing and conducting studies leading to the dissertation or thesis? Are you looking for ways to mentor researchers in institutes, agencies, or other non-academic settings? Are you a student or novice who wants to know how best to understand the research experience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will be interested in the free MethodSpace Live webinar on September 12. In this interactive online panel we’ll explore how we learn to become researchers, and how we continue to develop research knowledge and skills throughout our careers.

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Date: September 12
Time: Find the time in your zone here.

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To complement this webinar, a MethodSpace series will include original posts, expert interviews, curated reading lists and links to resources about teaching methods (August) and mentoring researchers (September).


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