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Qualitative Research in a Changing World: NVivo Conference Resources

COVID-19 has completely transformed the ways in which we live. As medical professionals and politicians work to mitigate the effects and search for a vaccine, social scientists evaluate the impact the global pandemic will have on our traditions and customs of living. Methodologists are adapting to new ways of conducting research, while faculty and students are adapting to new ways of teaching and learning.

These topics are central to Qualitative Research in a Changing World the 24-hour NVivo Virtual Conference 2020 on September 23. SAGE Publishing, the parent of MethodSpace and Social Science Space, is sponsoring the conference. Learn more with these open-access articles and media drawn from SAGE journals, SAGE Research Methods and SAGE MethodSpace. Relevant books by conference presenters, are highlighted. 

SAGE Authors: Qualitative Research in a Changing World Presenters

Nancy Baym

“The Place of the Technology in Online Research” Keynote Speaker 

Annette Markham

“Ethics of Internet Research” Keynote Speaker

Internet Inquiry: Conversations about Method by Annette N. Markham and Nancy K. Baym 

Janet Salmons

“Ask Dr. Salmons: Live Q & A about Online Qualitative Research” Track 2: Online and Digital Methods

Doing Qualitative Research Online by Janet Salmons

Little Quick Fix: Gather Your Data Online by Janet Salmons 

Christina Silver

“Teaching NVivo using the Five-Level QDA Method: Adaptations for Synchronous Online Learning” Track 5: Innovations in Using NVivo

“The Importance of Reflexivity in Remote Teams: Using NVivo to Bridge the Physical Divide” Track 4: Research in Teams 

Using Software in Qualitative Research by Christina Silver and Ann Lewins 




COVID-19 Research

You can find SAGE Publications’ statement on COVID-19. You will see that SAGE has removed the subscription gateway to articles of value to researchers and practitioners at this time. On SAGE Journal’s page find links to a multi disciplinary selection of articles on these topics: 

    • Most Recent COVID-19 Research
    • Healthcare, Disease and Inequalities
    • Working, Living and Educating During a Pandemic
    • Effects on National/International INfrastructure
    • Strategies for Containment and Health Security
    • Pandemics: Past, present and Future Considerations
    • Being Mindful and Managing Stress and Anxiety
    • Workplace Management, Crisis Management and the role of Human Resources
    • Effects on Hospitality and Tourism
    • Special issues, collections and podcasts on COVID-19

COVID-19 and Data Collection with Online and Digital Methods

  • Are you changing your research designs after COVID-19 disrupted plans for data collection? These links showcase MethodSpace posts that can help qualitative researchers find new ways to collect data: 

This list of SAGE Publishing books links to several authors and resources about qualitative and mixed method research. 


Like most industries, the global pandemic has forced academia to go remote and work from home. As a result, researchers and academics are forced to reassess and reconfigure their methods of conducting research. Here, we have gathered materials on online qualitative and quantitative research methods that can help streamline the transition to online methods.

  • Gather Your Data Online: Little Quick Fix by Janet Salmons is available for purchase. You can request a review at the link attached.  The Little Quick Fix series provides quick but authoritative answers to the problems, hurdles and assessment points researchers face in their research course, project proposal, or design. This book discusses the questions, “What types of data collection do researchers conduct online? How do I choose which type(s) fit my research? How can I find, and get permission to use, data that exists online? How can I find, and gain consent from, participants online?” and “How can I interact with participants online to collect data?”, among others. 
  • Doing Qualitative Research Online by Janet Salmons takes a broad view of methodologies to cover ethical issues in research design and ethical relationships with participants, designing online qualitative studies, collecting qualitative data online through interviews, observations, participatory and arts-based research and a wide range of posts and documents, and analyzing data and reporting findings.
  • Doing Qualitative Research in a Digital World by Trena M. Paulus and Jessica N. Lester. This book provides a deep exploration of the relationship between theories of technology, substantive theories and methodological theory, and shows how together these inform the development of a quality research design. 
  • Imagining Forward: Visual Storytelling to Make Research Accessible for Practice by our Methodspace March 2020 Mentor-in-Residence is an article that speaks to the research imagination as it relates to representations of research meanings and data. The article focuses on the ways that qualitative researchers can re-imagine approaches to conducting research broadly. 
You can access Doing Qualitative Research in a Digital World in the link above.
The cover of Salmon's Little Quick Fix: Gather your Data Online

Arts-Based Approaches

Health Research

  • This open-access cross-disciplinary resource by the SSRC is a comprehensive coronavirus syllabus with many useful books and articles on a wider range of global health topics. 
  • The Qualitative Health Research Journal published by SAGE Publishing provides an international, interdisciplinary forum to enhance health care and further the development and understanding of qualitative research in healthcare settings.
  • This guide offered by the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill library offers additional resources on qualitative training and support.

Participatory Action Research

Research in Teams

Using NVivo and Data Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo is a complete guide on how to use NVivo for qualitative analysis. You can read more about and purchase the book at the link in title.

    • Handling Qualitative Data is a book that can help students with collecting and managing primary and secondary data.
    • Margaretha Järvinen has a handful of books on the subject which can be accessed here.
    • Using Software in Qualitative Research introduces readers to the practice and principles of Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS). 


Teaching Transitions

Doctoral Students Transition during COVID-19

  • For doctoral students, research, writing and studying online can be incredibly difficult. Fortunately, we have compiled a handful of useful booklets that can help facilitate this process. 

Featured Books on Qualitative Research

Mixing Methods in Social Research: Qualitative, Quantitative and Combined Methods by Ralph Hall 

Qualitative Research Methods by Monique Hennink, Inge Hutter and Ajay Bailey

Qualitative Data Analysis: Practical Strategies by Patricia Bazeley

Using Software in Qualitative Research by Christina Silver and Ann Lewins

Doing Qualitative Research Online by Janet Salmons 

Doing Rapid Qualitative Research by Cecilia Vindrola

Handling Qualitative Data by Lyn Richards

Qualitative Research by David Silverman 

Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo by Kristi Jackson and Patricia Bazeley

Qualitative Analysis by Margaretha Järvinen and Nanna Mik-Meyer

Researching Family Narratives by Ann Phoenix, Julia Brannen, Corinne Squire

Little Quick Fix: Gather Your Data Online by Janet Salmons