Open Access Papers on Qualitative Research

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Hi everyone

Open Access funding at my university has been really helpful recently in making our work accessible. Here are some of the papers that I have been able to publish open access around methodological issues in qualitative inquiry

Dawn ūüôā

ARTICLE 2014 freely available for download 

Mannay,¬†D. and Morgan,¬†M. 2014.¬†Doing ethnography or applying a qualitative technique?: Reflections from the ‘waiting field’.¬†Qualitative Research¬†

Mannay, Dawn 2014. Story telling beyond the academy: exploring roles, responsibilities and regulations in the Open Access dissemination of research outputs and visual data. The Journal of Corporate Citizenship 54 , pp. 109-116.

NEW ARTICLE 1 DECEMBER 2014 freely available for download
Mannay,¬†D. 2014.¬†Achieving respectable motherhood? Exploring the impossibility of feminist and egalitarian ideologies against the everyday realities of lived Welsh working-class femininities.¬†Women’s Studies International Forum.¬†doi:10.1016/j.wsif.2014.10.020
ARTICLE 1 AUGUST 2014 freely available for download 
Mannay, D. 2014.  Who should do the dishes now? Exploring gender and housework in contemporary urban south Wales. Contemporary Wales