Python Bootcamp: Coding For, and As, Social Science

In the last few years, there has been a decline in the hype which once surrounded ‘big data.’ This could easily lead one to conclude that a fad has passed, but the reality is that we have entered a stage where we are grappling with its practical implications, rather than breathlessly greeting its arrival; a […]

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Social Scientists Connect with LinkedIn Data

Back in 2012, when LinkedIn was close to the 200 million users mark, a young but very computational (and quite resourceful) assistant professor, hustled through his contacts and somehow managed to get access to the trove of LinkedIn data. Prasanna Tambe—at the NYU Stern School of Business at the time—was not the first to use […]

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Introducing the Get Creative Webinar Panel: Melissa Nolas

will be a panelist for the upcoming webinar, where she will share an example of creative multimodal methods utilized in the Childhood Publics study. Join us and learn more about these truly creative approaches for studying sensitive topics with young participants.

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Coming soon: MethodSpace Live!

We are launching a series of webinars, MethodSpace Live! Three webinars are in the works,we are launching a series of webinars, MethodSpace Live! Three webinars are in the works, starting with Get Creative! Research with Pictures & Stories, on July 18, 2019. Registration is now open!

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