AQMeN Statistical Consultancy Service available now

AQMeN’s Consultancy Service is available free of charge to PhD students and people working in Scotland who require help with social science research that involves quantitative analysis. The Service provides advice to those seeking help with:- Study design including power and sample-size calculations Data analysis and modelling Interpretation and reporting results Advice on statistical software. […]

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On the Causal Powers of Development Policies and Plans

I am interested in starting a conversation on the role of development policies/ plans in social transformation processes. This idea is based on the fact that critical realist philosophy is based largely on ontological issues, in particular, with analyzing the causal powers of the social mechanisms which make the existence of certain social realities possible. […]

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New toolkit: Using email interviews

We’ve just uploaded a new Realities toolkit by Lucy Gibson drawing on experiences of using email interviews in a qualitative, mixed method study of older music fans in three popular music ‘scenes’. The toolkit concentrates on Lucy’s experiences of using email interviews, reflecting on how this method affected data collection and analysis, and discussing how […]

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New Book – Research Confidential: Solutions to Problems Most Social Scientists Pretend They Never Have

I recommend checking out Research Confidential, edited by Eszter Hargittai, which does a good job of filling a notable gap in the existing literature on research methods in the social sciences. While the methods literature is extensive, rarely do authors discuss the practical issues and challenges they routinely confront in the course of their research […]

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