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The focus for January is on researchers’ roles, including characteristics and skills critical to success. Read the whole series here.

Collaboration: Key to Research Success

Research is not a solo operation. When thinking about researchers’ roles and related practices, it is hard to ignore the importance of collaboration. We need to collaborate with co-researchers, co-editors, and co-authors. We need to collaborate with gatekeepers, librarians, archivists. We need to collaborate with people whose special skills we need: technology experts, graphic designers, media producers. Sometimes we collaborate with Principal Investigators or supervisors who have more power or control over decision-making. Other times we are on more or less equal footing, so we must negotiate the way forward.

I recently offered a member webinar for the Textbook and Academic Authors Association on this topic. In this webinar I discussed ways to address common obstacles to peer collaboration.  The webinar is open access:

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See other resources and member benefits from the Textbook & Academic Authors Association. Think about joining this multidisciplinary group of writers! 

Learning to Collaborate

FYI, if you want to learn more about how to develop skills needed to collaborate, and how to design courses or projects that help your students become better collaborative partners, see Learning to Collaborate, Collaborating to Learn.

I walk the talk! I collaborated with Dr. Narelle Lemon on a book about collaboration that is now in press:
Lemon, N., & Salmons, J. (2020). Collaborate to succeed in higher education and beyond: A practical guide for doctoral
students and early career researchers. London: Routledge.

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