QUAL + quan Mixed Methods Reading List

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Mixed and multimethods research are our focus for May. Through original posts, written and video author interviews, open access articles and resources, and a webinar, we will explore ways to mix it up.

Mixed methods studies combine quantitative and qualitative data collection and/or analysis. In some mixed methods studies, the approaches have equal emphasis (QUAL + QUAN.) Researchers might also choose to design studies where the qualitative approach is dominant (QUAL + quan), or the quantitative approach is dominant (QUAN + qual). In this reading list you will find QUAL + quan mixed methods resources.

SAGE Research Methods (SRM) is a library resource that includes a wide range of materials. It has a social reading feature that allows you to create public or private reading lists. Click below to find a reading list full of e-books, articles, case studies, videos, and project guides about mixed methods. If you don’t have access through an academic library and would like to access this list, log in with a free trial.

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