Qualitative Methods

Qualitative courses provide the conceptual context and practical training on conducting surveys, interviews, observations to better collect and analyse data in any field of research desired. Qualitative Methods courses are available to enhance and teach on ways to improve research in the field and in everyday setting. Courses are equipped with trained professionals, professors, and lectures in order to give the best and most up to date research established.

Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis | 07/16-07/20

he 5 day seminar will hopes to teach about the underlying principles and the practical applications of these methods. The seminar is divided roughly into three parts: 1. Partitioning effects into direct and indirect components, and how to quantify and test hypotheses about indirect effects. 2. Estimating, testing, probing, and visualizing interactions in linear models. 3. Integrating moderation and mediation by discussing how a mechanism can be contingent and how to determine statistically whether an indirect effect is moderated.