Quantitative Methods

Quantitative Social Research Methods courses provide rigorous training for researchers and professionals on disciplines data science, design such as descriptive, correlation, quasi-experimental, experimental and more. Courses here are available as aids to all fields of research and professions, giving practical and comprehensible knowledge as well as the most up to date methods.

Longitudinal Data Analysis Using Stata | 06/15-06/16

In this seminar, you will learn how to do regression analysis of panel data—the most common type of longitudinal data. Panel data contain measurements of predictor and response variables at two or more points in time for many individuals. Although panel data have many attractions, the downside is that repeated measurements typically violate assumptions of independence.

Introduction to Data Visualization | 06/25

Starting June 25th SAGE Publishing and Andy Kirk are teaming up to offer a full 3 month course in where students will build up a detailed understanding of all the different aspects of decision-making that go into any data visualization design work. This course is approximately 10 hours of learning, which you can complete at your own pace during your 3 month access period. Your course instructor Andy will be periodically checking in on the forum discussions to offer guidance where needed.

Structural Equation Modeling | 07/16-07/20

This 5-day seminar hosted by Statistical Horizons starting July 16 at 9 is designed to make you a knowledgeable, effective and confident user of methods for structural equation modeling. Dr. Paul Allison will include 1 to 2 hours of supervised, practical exercises that will help you achieve mastery of these methods.