Re-Search as Vocation: Building Bridges between Phenomenology and Depth Psychology

Categories: Qualitative

A Masterclass with Robert Romanyshyn

14 & 15 April 2009

Centre for Qualitative Research
Bournemouth University

Some of the ideas that will be explored are:
• The role of the ‘self’ in the research process
• The differences in the art of interpretation in the two traditions
• The role and place of unconscious ‘irrational’ factors like dreams, fantasies and one’s psychological type in the research process
• The place of the body in research
• The importance of attending to those factors that draw a researcher into his/her work that make research a vocation
• The conditions that lay a foundation for a vision of objectivity that is rooted in the deep subjectivity of the researcher
• The ways in which this bridging lays a foundation for ethical ways of knowing and being.

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