‘Research Design in Social Data Science’ and ‘Collecting Social Media Data’ Courses Launch Soon

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SAGE Campus is launching two new courses to our suite of online data science courses for social scientists. The new short courses, Research Design in Social Data Science and Collecting Social Media Data, are aimed at those studying, teaching or working in social science disciplines who are looking to take their first steps toward working with big-data driven approaches to social science research.

Both the courses are packed with engaging video, text and interactive activities that learners can complete at their own pace over a three-month access period. Whether you’re a social researcher looking to learn yourself or are looking to use online courses as an effective way of upskilling your team, class or colleagues, our SAGE-quality courses give practical skills that are directly applicable to research.


Do you want to supercharge your research using big data, but don’t know where to start? This courses gives a foundational understanding of social data science as a big data-driven approach to social science research. Learn about the elements of data collection, design, methodology, validity and ethics of social data science from the course author, Dr. Taha Yasseri, senior research fellow in computational social science at the Oxford Internet Institute, a fellow at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science, and a research fellow in humanities and social sciences at Wolfson College, University of Oxford.

The course takes 3-6 hours to complete and by the end you will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between empirical research and theory generation and testing (theory-evidence links)
  • Define and formulate research problems and questions, and, where appropriate, formulate hypotheses that can be tested
  • Understand the rationale for using particular qualitative or quantitative research methods
  • Understand the integrated or complementary nature of different methods in mixed methods research designs
  • Understand different forms of sampling, sampling error, and case selection, and potential implications for the interpretation of research findings
  • Understand and apply concepts of generalisability, validity, reliability, and replicability
  • Understand ethical aspects of social data science and how to handle different ethical challenges

The course launches this July. Enroll before June 10 to get a 25 percent Early Bird discount with the code: RDSM25.



Do you want to utilize social media data in your research? This short course will help you develop the essential knowledge to plan and collect data using social media. The course compiles knowledge from multiple experts and you’ll be guided through by Dr. James Allen-Robertson, computational sociologist at the University of Essex.

The course takes 1-1.5 hours to complete and by the end you will:

  • Understand how social media data presents challenges that differ from other types of data, particularly in relation to research ethics
  • Gain the ability to effectively plan a social media data based project, including the data collection strategy, data storage and curation and analysis
  • Be able to gather, clean and analyse social media data

The course will launch in the coming months with more information coming soon, but if you register your interest now, you get the same 25 percent Early Bird discount.

If you’re interested in using the courses to upskill a group, let us know in the registration form and we’ll be in touch with a quote.

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