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In the first quarter of 2021 we explored design steps, starting with a January focus on research questions. We continued to learn about the design stage in February by focusing on Choosing Methodology and MethodsThe focus for March is on Designing an Ethical Study.

Drs. Helen Kara and Suzanne Albary share their thinking and questions about research ethics in a video and a podcast, respectively. Dr. Kara introduces some core principles, and Dr. Albary talks about how research ethics is practiced.

Dr. Helen Kara

In this short video Dr. Kara presents simple, clear ways to think about ethics at all stages of the study. MethodSpace readers will recognize Helen from previous posts and from her contributions to a webinar about Creative Methods.

Dr. Suzanne Albary

You can also listen on the Do Better Research Listen Notes site.

In this podcast episode, Suzanne Albary will be talking about research ethics. She’ll be speaking Fiona Ellis, co-founder of the Survivors in Transition (, a Suffolk-based charity who support men and women who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood. Fiona has a range of ethics experience, not only from her role within SITS, but also as a member of the University of Suffolk institutional ethics committee. Suzanne also speaks to Dr. Will Thomas (, associate professor of the Suffolk Business School, about his research and the importance he places on an embedded approach to ethics.

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