Researchers Respond to Covid-19: Interview with the Editors

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This month MethodSpace will focus on emerging and online research methods– emerging ideas about research and how we can keep conducting inquiries during the pandemic. You will discover interviews with innovative authors and researchers, original posts, and open-access resources. Check back throughout the month– find the evolving series of posts here.

SAGE author and independent researcher Dr. Helen Kara wrote a post on her blog in May about research methods to consider using in a pandemic. One thing led to another, and a new series of e-books is now available. To carry out an unusually fast process for academic publishing, Helen tapped Su-ming Khoo as collaborator and co-editor.

The three e-books feature chapters from global contributors. Chapters address not only shifts in research, but also the need for attention to resilience and self-care in these demanding times.

When I learned about this project, I knew it would be important to introduce it to MethodSpace readers. Fortunately, they agreed to an interview so you can hear about these timely books– and the process used to create them.

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