Publishers in Research Methods

For anyone looking to write a book in research methods there are a growing number of social science publishers who now actively publish in the field.

By far the biggest methods publisher, both in Europe and in North America, with the biggest list of books, is SAGE .

SAGE has a number of people dedicated to research methods, whether in books, journals or digital media. Get in touch with our team in the UK by contacting our two commissioning editors – Katie Metzler on  or you can get in touch with Jai Seaman on In the United States, contact Helen Salmon or Leah Fargotstein.

In addition to this, many of the other editors at SAGE also commission methods texts in their discipline areas.

The publishers with the most active Methods programs with extensive lists are:


UK –


Blackwell Publishing

Taylor & Francis

Palgrave Macmillan


Pearson Education

Oxford University Press

McGraw-Hill / Open University Press

AltaMira Press

Guilford Press

University of Chicago Press

Cambridge University Press

Left Coast Press