Whether one has to handle quantitative or qualitative data, there are an increasing number of software and freeware to help you order and analyse your data. Many, like SPSS or NVivo, are available via licensing agreements for individuals or for institutions. Many others are freely available online and are produced and maintained by a community of researchers working together online to share problems and devise solutions.

IBM SPSS Statistics – the leading stats package for use with students in university

The R Project for Statistical Computing – a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics that runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS

SAS – the leader in business intelligence and predictive analytics software

STATA – Integrated statistical package for data analysis, data management and graphics

Minitab – statistics software

MAXQDA – text analysis software

HyperRESEARCH – Qualitative analysis software and HyperTRANSCRIBE transcription software – from ResearchWare website

QDA Miner – from Provalis Research – mixed-model qualitative data analysis software package for coding, annotating, retrieving and analyzing small and large collections of documents and images

Transana – software for analyzing digital video or audio data

AnSWR – software system for coordinating and conducting large-scale, team-based analysis projects that integrate qualitative and quantitative techniques

NVivo – qualitative data analysis software from QSR International

ATLAS.ti – qualitative data analysis software

Dedoose – for the analysis of text, video and spreadsheet data

Qualrus – qualitative analysis software

MIX – Excel-based tool for meta-analysis

Free Statistical Software – links to free software packages available for download

Free Statistics – links to free statistical software – free software links

Free Software – information and links from the Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research site

Idea Puzzle Software – software for research design

OpenStat (

Weft-QDA (qualitative analysis of text) is a helpful option to keep in mind.