Review Methods Literature: March Focus

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Reviewing the literature is an ongoing process for scholars, academic writers, and graduate students.

We need to discover the seminal thinkers and keep up with the emerging developments in our respective disciplines and fields of study. But that isn’t enough! We also need to review the methods literature. This is a March focus on SAGE MethodSpace.

Reviewing Methods Literature

Don’t get lost in the stacks!

Posts this month will include how-to tips for literature reviews in general, and for methods reviews in particular. We will highlight open access sources from SAGE that illuminate methods literature for quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods and multimodal types of studies.

Follow the series here throughout the month. When you log into MethodSpace you are subscribed to the site, and receive all posts by email.

Use the comment box to add specific questions you’d like to see us address this month.

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