RMF Highlight: Write Creatively for Academia

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The Economic and Social Research Center is hosting the biennial Research Methods Festival at the University of Bath this week. If you aren’t able to attend in person, enjoy this series of posts.

Before Dr. Kara took the stage to present, Festival attendees were tweeting back and forth about her new comic, Conversation With A Purpose. Surely this innovative approach to communicating interview essentials made them realize that when she talks about writing creatively for academia, she means what she says!

You can read her blog post to learn about how and why she developed this instructional piece. You can also download the comic, which includes discussion questions for the classroom or your own reflections. Helen also shared this short media piece about research rigor.

For those who weren’t at the University of Bath for the Research Methods Festival, Helen has written more about how to use creative approaches in your research, and in your thesis or dissertation. You can also watch a 3-part video series posted here. For more, follow her on Twitter at .

From my view, all researchers and writers can be more creative- not just students! Surely our students, as well as our readers, will appreciate the effort.

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