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Focusing on skills and collaborations, the SAGE Ocean initiative has just launched a service focused on helping social scientists gain new skills while also working with computational researchers they haven’t collaborated with previously.

SAGE Advice connects you, the researcher, with a data science expert with the right technical expertise. Via a 30- or 60-minute online video one-to-one consultation, the Advice expert will answer your questions and suggest solutions to help you move your research project forward. Cost is currently $50 for the 30-minute session and $100 for the hour-long version, but during this trial period the Advice team is offering 30-minute sessions at no cost.

During this beta period, SAGE Advice is available in three areas:

  • R and Python | Advice on the best scripting tools to use, or get an expert to look at your code.
  • Social Network Analysis | Advice on how to approach network analysis, or implement it using R.
  • Data Visualization | Learn how to make your visualizations more interactive, or best techniques and tools for your use case.

A sampling of the experts currently offering advice are experts such as Andreea Moldovan, a senior research officer at Essex University; Matt Denny, a political scientist at Penn State; and Martin John Hadley, an academic research technology specialist at Oxford University. The experts, currently instructors drawn from the SAGE Campus online community, come at the questions from an academic perspective.

If you’re not certain that the SAGE Advice expert can answer your question, the SAGE Advice website has live chat (or email) access that allows clarification before you commit. Keep in mind the service is not a form of tutoring or help writing a dissertation — it’s interactive help on the research process, whether you need to become ‘unstuck’ on a specific technical issue or want a roadmap for the next steps.

The sign=up process does require you to describe your need — what are you having trouble with and what outcome do you expect from the consultation — so that a proper match with an expert is more likely from the start.

As part of the SAGE mission to support social science, the Advice team is continuously experimenting to find new ways to meet the evolving needs of the research community. As such, your feedback is invaluable in helping us to create genuinely useful products and services.

If you’d like to benefit from a free session and help shape the services SAGE Advice creates, please go to, book your consultation, and enter promo code CONSULTFREE in the checkout process. This offer is for a limited time during the beta process, so the Advice team suggests booking a consultation now.

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