SAGE Campus Expands to Online Learning for Skills and Research Methods

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Libraries can now subscribe to the new platform for institution-wide access

SAGE Publishing, the parent of MethodSpace, has announced that SAGE Campus is expanding. The online learning platform began with a focus on data science courses, but are broadening our horizons to offer high quality support for the teaching and learning of a wide range of skills and research methods that can be applied across all stages of academic study; from undergraduates looking to critically assess information to researchers looking to report their data and publish their research.

“I’m thrilled that SAGE Campus is now available for institution wide access”Now more learners can benefit from our rich pedagogy and high quality instruction. Our new platform has enhanced functionality to make it easy for librarians and faculty to administer, and the courses have been designed with the learner in mind,” said Rachel Crookes, the head of SAGE Campus.”

Teaching social research methods and supporting the development of skills for study and research is more challenging than it ever has been. Institutions must ensure students and researchers are data literate and equip them with an array of new skills to navigate the changing worlds of research and publishing, all while managing drastic changes in the world of higher education itself. 

These skills take significant practice to hone and data literacy takes time to develop, and without having access to the physical classrooms or shared spaces we’re used to this is even more challenging. As faculty’s limited class time is under more pressure, the resources we create for institutions need to support their students, researchers and faculty better than ever.

To support the teaching and learning of skills and research methods across all stages of academic study, Campus is publishing 18 brand new courses in 2021 – growing the full SAGE Campus suite to 29 courses and over 250 hours of learning time. The suite includes courses on critical thinking, data literacy, research planning, data analysis and publishing your research. We’ve identified some of the most difficult and pivotal moments in the academic experience, and designed courses to support learners to come through these and excel.

In addition to the new courses, SAGE has significantly updated the SAGE Campus platform to be available as a digital library resource. As with other SAGE Digital Library Products, libraries can get institution-wide access to SAGE Campus via IP, EzProxy, Shibboleth and OpenAthens authentication. 

Since launching SAGE Campus online data science courses in September 2017, SAGE has helped thousands of social scientists learn new skills to work with big data and new computational methods. This September marked the close of the individual purchase options for our courses and our last ever individual SAGE Campus cohort started on September 7.

Content pathway

The future suite of 250+ hours of SAGE Campus courses cover topics along the below content pathway; some of the most difficult and pivotal moments in the academic experience.

N0P0176 SAGE Campus content pathway image (Update)_Pass 1.jpg

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