SAGE Campus Launches Bytesize Courses

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Short on time but eager to learn more about the language of data and computational methods? Get your quick fix with these short courses from SAGE Campus. Designed for learners with a basic grounding in programming languages such as Python and/or R who would like to hone up on a specific skill, these bytesize courses can be completed within 2-5 hours allowing you to progress at a time that suits you.

Courses being offered are:

Network Analysis
Collecting Data from the Web
Data Visualization
Data Formats
Machine Learning
Text Analysis
Cleaning Data and Preprocessing

If you have already have some knowledge of programming languages and are looking to take that next stop, head over to the SAGE Campus course page to learn more.

SAGE Campus Bytesize courses are currently available with 25% off, with an early bird booking. Use discount code EARLYBIRD25 until August 31st 2018. 

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