Sentient methods in Action Research—A conversation with Iñigo Retolaza Eguren

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The MethodSpace focus for October was on Action Research, and we are continuing to share posts on these participatory methods. November is Academic Writing Month with a 2020 focus on Publishing Trends (and what they mean for academic writers.) You can find the unfolding series of Action Research posts through this link, and you can find the AcWriMo posts through this link.

Iñigo Retolaza Eguren is an action researcher with the “Centro de Investigación por La Paz Gernika Gogoratuz” ( in País Vasco. In this interview, Iñigo shares interesting details about his upcoming paper “Memorialab: Dialogue, Memory and Social Healing in Basque Country: A Methodological Note”—to be published in the 2021 SAGE Handbook of Participatory Research. He gives special focus to how embodied and sentient methods are uniquely able to engage people’s knowledges in action research processes, towards personal and social healing.

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