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In June and July the MethodSpace focus is on research-oriented careers including career purpose and goals, skills, as well as expected and unexpected transitions. Find the whole series of posts here.

Anyone planning a formal academic career knows the time-worn phrase: publish or perish. Now we add more catch-words to the career glossary: personal branding and digital presence, impact and reach. Behind these phrases is a simple fact for anyone trying to create, develop, or change their career path: if you don’t share what you know, how can you build credibility as someone with relevant expertise? How can you find others of like mind, your networks and tribe? Why would others choose to hire or to collaborate with you, if they don’t know what you can contribute? In these difficult times, in absence of channels like academic it is more important than ever to find new ways to get the word out about our research– and our thinking about it.

Every year we spend the entire month of November on Academic Writing Month, and will do so again this autumn. But with our current focus on careers it is hard to ignore the importance of getting published. Four our purposes getting published encompasses a full range of communication modes: articles and books, blogs and podcasts, presentations (including digital) and media. This curated list offers a practical project planner, books and book chapters, case studies and videos about all of these options. On SAGE Research Methods (SRM) you can download pdfs for reading and reference. If you do not have access to an academic library with SRM, follow this link for a free trial.

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