SRMO Development and Testing Iterations

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We are currently in the midst of the technical development of SAGE Research Methods Online.

Every two weeks iFactory (our technology partner) are delivering a new iteration of the product for us to review and test. We’re hoping to keep the development to 10 iterations in total, and we’ve just sent back the testing results on number 5 – it feels that the beta launch isn’t too far away!

In this last iteration we were able to see search results, book chapter displays, we were able to browse titles and authors and also to create SRMO Lists (a playlist functionality that allows you to create lists of content on the site and then to share them with other people using SRMO).

Aliya took a snap of me testing in the office this week which I’ve popped in here below.

Next week we’re planning to take the next iteration out to carry out some usability testing with students and academics at one of the universities that we have been working at.

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