SRMO Editorial Board Announced

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I’m very excited to announce our SRMO Editorial Board – we are supported in this development by a very distinguished number of scholars and I would like to thank them again for their participationg. The members of our Editorial Board are:

  • Alan Bryman, University of Leicester,
  • Arlene Fink, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA),
  • Graham Crow, University of Southampton,
  • Jason W. Osborne, North Carolina State University,
  • Janet Salmons, Capella University,
  • John Creswell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
  • John Scott, University of Plymouth,
  • Jörg Blasius, Universität Bonn,
  • Michael S. Lewis-Beck, University of Iowa,
  • Neil Salkind, University of Kansas,
  • Nigel Fielding, University of Surrey,
  • Nigel Gilbert, University of Surrey,
  • Paul Atkinson, Cardiff University,
  • Stewart Donaldson, Claremont Graduate University

And you can read the full press release by clicking here.