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So, I thought that it’s probably about time that I write a little bit about what we are actually planning SRMO to be. Please send through your feedback to this concept – there are a couple more months until we really set it down in stone!

We would really like to make SAGE Research Methods Online the place to go to find information about Research Methods and Evaluation. Upon launch he hope the product will contain SAGE literature that will span methods across the social sciences with 500 book, encyclopedia and dictionary titles (including the entire QASS, little green book series) plus a selection of approx 150 cherry-picked journal articles. Content within the platform will be hosted at the chapter level or reference entry or journal article and will be supported with a sophisticated linking tool to allow individuals to search for a topic and see the range of literature available on that topic, from very introductory to very advanced information. In addition to the literature within the product we are developing a visual map of the discipline, displaying visually relationships between methods that users can navigate as they explore the field.

We hope that this research tool will be particularly valuable for graduate students, academic researchers and teachers / lecturers engaged in the process of performing a literature review, understanding how to apply a method, or exploring appropriate new methods to adopt or experiment with. What do you think? Would this be valuable for you?

SRMO will be a dynamic product with new content added each year alongwith enhancements to the site functionality. We could add video content to support classroom teaching, allow individuals to comment alongside text, more journal material, or provide links to free datasets available on the web. What would be useful for you?

We plan to launch a site beta that will hopefully be available from July 2010 and then formally launch the product by the end of 2010 for the academic library market to purchase (the goal being to make the material free at the point of use for researchers).

It would be great to hear any feedback to concepts here, or let me know if it would be useful to provide any more information at this point. We are deep in the depths of the RFP responses that we have received from potential technology vendors at the moment – yikes – a big decision for us!