Statistics Resources for Social and Behavioural Sciences: SPSS, R, Maths, and Writing

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I have a blog on psychology and statistics that I thought might interest readers on this site. The following provides an overview of research methods related content on the blog with links to individual articles.



R: Learning R; Blogs on R; R in Australia; StatET; Tips for StatET Upgrade procedure; R and Excel; Efficient variable selection in R
SPSS: Efficient variable selection
Excel: Recovering Corrupt Files
Design: Carryover effects; Causal Inference; Depth interviews; Designing online experiments
Inquisit: Sample Script of Reaction Time Task
Maths: Video courses; Symbol pronounciation;
Teaching: Teaching with R; Writing practice questions; My orientation to statistics consulting; My teaching resources

Writing: Literature Reviews; Quality Codes; Learning to write research; Pen and paper; Writing tips for psychology results
Endnote: Importing from Google Scholar; Exporting from Google Scholar