Strategies to Make Your Textbook Workflow More Efficient

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Using the tag #AcWriMo, writers around the world discuss their goals and progress, and share resources throughout November.  Find the evolving series here. If you log into MethodSpace, you will be subscribed and receive new posts by email.

MethodSpace is partnering with the Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA) to share content and events during Academic Writing Month. The TAA open access Webinar of the Week is: Strategies to Make Your Textbook Workflow More Efficient. In this session, veteran textbook author Kevin Patton highlights practical tips and tricks to improve authoring workflow.

This is the award Kevin Patton and I received.

At the last TAA conference, Kevin and I were honored to be named to the TAA Council of Fellows. Keven also received the competitive 2019 Textbook Excellence Award. His sessions at the conference are standing room only, because he has such interesting and forward-thinking ideas about writing textbooks. What luck that you can hear him in this recorded webinar!

Dr. Patton focuses on the “how-to” aspect of textbook authoring, and suggests strategies will range from managing and sharing computer files to charting workflow to taking ten to get you out of your seat. No matter your discipline or your level of experience as a textbook author, you are likely to find a few time-saving and stress-relieving ideas that you can adapt to your own working style. 

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