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Q & A: Dissertation to Book?

We received lots of questions in our recent webinar about publishing books, so we’re answering them in a series of posts. This questioner asks about moving from dissertation or thesis to book.

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Making Sense of The Knowledge Explosion with Knowledge Mapping

Two years ago, when Bernadette Wright and Steve Wallis were working on their book, Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Evaluation, they contributed this guest post to introduce a Knowledge Mapping approach. There has been a vast explosion in the number of academic publications – journals, articles, posts, and books of all kinds. So much […]

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Academic Writing Month Webinar: Registration is Now Open!

The November webinar, Write a Book! From Acquisition to Publication will feature SAGE editors and experts. They will explain how each step of the process works and discuss best practices for authors. Registration is open now!

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Write with Purpose, Publish for Impact

Think about the messages you want to convey with your published writings. Publications can help open new doors and build new networks— so it is important to think about which doors and networks you hope to discover. This collection, originally posted on SAGE MethodSpace and the Textbook and Academic Authors Association blog Abstract, can help you reflect on the best options and move forward.

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From Dissertation to Book: An Author Interview

It is Academic Writing Month at SAGE MethodSpace, and for 2018 we are looking at ways researchers develop a holistic publication strategy. This means looking at all of the options, and choosing the type that fits with our content, will allow us to reach our target audience, and create real impact.  Scholarly books and articles are […]

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Six Academic Writing Habits That Boost Productivity

What’s the secret to a productive spell of writing? Chris Smith shares insights gleaned from interviews with a diverse group of academics, from which a number of common academic writing habits stood out. These range from the simple acts of scheduling and setting self-imposed deadlines, to the use of “free-writing” techniques which help authors write their way out of blocks.

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Reflections on Academic Research and Writing (Part 3): International Collaboration Posted on August 24, 2015

This piece was originally posted in Management INK, a blog highlighting top scholarship and catering to academics, researchers and practitioners in the management and business fields. We present it now as part of the #AcWriMo series on MethodSpace. Collaboration is something we’re all familiar with and most of us have taken part in over the course of our careers. With globalization […]

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