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The Tedium of Transcription: Who’s Codifying the Process?

Transcribing can be a pain, and although recent progress in speech recognition software has helped, it remains a challenge. Speech recognition programs, do, however, raise ethical/consent issues: what if person-identifiable interview data is transcribed or read by someone who was not given the consent to do so? Furthermore, some conversational elements aren’t transcribed well by pattern recognition programs. What, or who, is really transforming the transcription process, then? What’s next for transcription?

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Artificial Intelligence and Cancer: Have We Found the Cure?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has become a hot topic in countless industries. Whether it’s using AI to predict consumer habits and grow the economy, teach new languages, or streamline healthcare systems, the potential is endless for how machine learning can be applied to human life. AI can be used in many facets of the healthcare […]

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