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Keeping Writing Projects Alive

Has this happened to you? You have brilliant insights and are raring to go on the new writing project, then life happens. The project slips to the bottom of the pile, then you move it off your desk altogether. One day something happens that triggers your memory: oh yeah, I was writing on that topic…where […]

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How to Revive Academic Writing Left for Dead?

We can find endless reasons to set aside a piece of writing. Perhaps we are distracted by another priority or opportunity,  We hit a writers’ block of some kind, and move on to something else. The forces of inertia might hold you back. Or, if we are to be candid, we might just be sick […]

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Renew, Refresh, Reboot, Restart Your Academic Writing

Do any of these complaints sound familiar? (Use the comment area to add your own!) I can’t remember where I wanted to go with this article! My literature is out of date! I don’t have library access so I can’t get new articles! I’ve changed my career goals, and now I don’t want to work […]

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Social Media or Blog? New Dilemmas for Academics & Writers

News about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica comes on top of increasing unease with online privacy, hacking and tracking. What are the implications for academics and writers? (See my post on the Textbook and Academic Authors Association blog Abstract for more on this topic.) Tufekci observed that when social media platforms emerged in the mid-2000s the “networked public […]

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Research on or with Blogs: SRM Resources

This series of posts corresponds to the 2018 SAGE Research Methods Open House. If you would like to access the SAGE e-books, articles, case studies, videos, and datasets mentioned in these posts, explore SAGE Research Methods with a free trial. Do you study blogs? Or are you interested in disseminating your research on blogs? If […]

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Starter Tips on Sharing Data and Analysis Scripts

Researchers are increasingly encouraged to make their data openly accessible and usable for others but to early-career researchers in particular, this can seem daunting.  Katherine Wood has compiled a short open data starter guide to make the process less overwhelming and help researchers do their bit for reproducibility.

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How Are You Analyzing Your Texts?

The digital age has made huge amounts of data available for analysis in the form of newspapers, blogs, social media feeds, government documents, the list goes on! In this post we consider some of the challenges of working with such vast amounts of data and the role that QTA plays. Text analysis has a long history […]

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A ‘How-To’ on Data Wrangling

Katherine Wood, a graduate student in the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Psychology Department and advocate for open science, walks through a basic overview of how to overcome and accomplish some operations commonly encountered when initially getting a data set. “By generating the data yourself” she says, “you can make your life easier by saving it in the format you want.” She explains step by step multiple ways to accomplish this and highlights packages that will make things easier for anyone with similar issues.

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