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Tips for Building a Credible Web Presence

Now that many researchers are trying to move research projects online, we need to be attentive to the ways others perceive us online.  Online researchers are often concerned about how to verify the identities of participants recruited online. At the same time, participants may be similarly concerned about the credibility of the researcher. Why should […]

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Self and Social: An Interview about Autoethnography

In June and July MethodSpace will focus on research-oriented careers including career purpose and goals, skills, as well as expected and unexpected transitions. We are considering research and careers, and in that context we have the opportunity to hear from scholars who use their research in unique and important ways. We are also looking at […]

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Studying Human Behavior During a Pandemic: MTurk

The coronavirus pandemic has changed most things. For behavioral scientists, whose job it is to study human behavior, that includes the nature of data collection. Many researchers are looking for ways to move data collection online. In this blog, we provide an overview of online participant recruitment practices and some advice for getting started with […]

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