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Transforming Indigenous / Non-Indigenous Research Partnerships: A Comic for Researchers

This February MethodSpace will focus on Indigenous and Intercultural Research. A Comic With a Message A cross-cultural group of researchers is developing a set of resources “to support Indigenous and non-indigenous researchers planning research collaborations to think about their methods, assumptions and behaviours.”  Dr. Deborah McGregor, a panelist for the upcoming MethodSpace Live webinar, is […]

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Science is Shifting Toward Collaboration. So Why Don’t We Teach More Collaboration?

The way that science is done is changing. More and more, research is conducted in collaborative teams, pulling together scientists from a variety of areas of experience and geographic locations. This is particularly true in environmental sciences, where the types of complex, multifaceted issues faced by society can only be addressed by bringing together researchers with multiple perspectives. Across a wide range of fields, there is evidence that multi-authored research is more highly cited, suggesting that this shift in the culture of science is producing novel and exciting results…

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Remedying the Disconnect Between Research and Practice

Even when scholars communicate broadly about results, under the traditional model, researchers still drive the research agenda with nobody riding shotgun. Some education researchers are challenging this traditional model by putting education practitioners in the driver’s seat. Following the Consortium on Chicago School Research prototype, US universities and research organizations are increasingly forming research-practice partnerships (RPPs) with local and state education agencies.

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Teaching Research Methods using Collaborative Learning

Collaboration is a MethodSpace focus for December, with posts about various types of collaboration that engage researchers and academic writers. The wide-ranging examples included in articles and cases demonstrate the need for specific skillsets in order to  to collaborate in ways that are productive and satisfying. How do future researchers learn the skills they will need to succeed […]

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Collaborative Research: Enterprising Science Project

Collaboration is a MethodSpace focus for December. We will look at the various types of collaboration that engage researchers and academic writers.  In this SAGE video, researchers and participants in the Enterprising Science Project discuss how the project has examined science education and engagement. The project is a collaboration between King’s College and the Science […]

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