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Interview: Kip Jones talks about Biography, Auto-biography, and Creativity

The following is a transcript of Kip Jones’ contribution to interviews on biographic research conducted by Joanna Thurston and Louise Oliver, Jones’ colleagues at Bournemouth University. The pair interviewed Jones for their film, “It’s not research, it’s just stories!” first screened at the British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Study Group Conference, in December 2018. How did […]

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RMF Highlight: Write Creatively for Academia

The Economic and Social Research Center is hosting the biennial Research Methods Festival at the University of Bath this week. If you aren’t able to attend in person, enjoy this series of posts. Before Dr. Kara took the stage to present, Festival attendees were tweeting back and forth about her new comic, Conversation With A Purpose. Surely […]

Categories: Impact, Instruction, Presentation, Visuals, and Creativity, Qualitative, Research, Teaching, Tools and Resources, Writing and Editing

Tags: Comics, Creative Methods, Creativity, e-festivals

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4 Steps to Designing an Award-Winning Poster

A good academic conference poster serves a dual purpose: it is both an effective networking tool and a means by which to articulately communicate your research. But many academics fail to produce a truly visually arresting conference poster and so opportunities to garner interest and make connections are lost. Tullio Rossi offers guidance on how to produce an outstanding conference poster, considering the scripting, concept, design, and logistics.

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Read Two Important Chapters on Performative Social Science

Kip Jones, a pioneer in performative social science at Bournemouth University, has two substantial book chapters now available in new texts. Both texts move the practice of arts-led research forward substantially and will become valued resources for students and researchers for years to come. *** The first chapter, “Performative Social Science,” in Jörg Matthes, C. S. […]

Categories: Qualitative, Tools and Resources

Tags: Arts-based methods, Centre for Qualitative Research, Creative Methods, Performative Social Science

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