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How Can Smart Use of Graphics Cut Through the Complexity of COVID-19?

To try and cut through the tangles of complexity wrought by a global pandemic, I’ve been working with Peter Evans (and his multi-talented daughter, Hamsi Evans) to put together some picture ‘explainers’ to help frame thinking. These are helping communicate around the complex problems we’re all facing and how to use social science research to tackle these.

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Want to Generate Impact? Get Creative.

… For researchers, this matters more than one thinks because funders are increasingly looking for a real return on their research dollars, euros and pounds. For example, the Ford Foundation, the second largest in the US, expects grantees to “achieve the greatest possible impact”; EU Horizon 2020 Proof of Concept grant applicants must outline the economic and/or societal impact expected from the project; and the UK’s REF, in assessing applications, gives a 25 percent weighting to the ‘reach and significance’ of impact. But what is impact and how can you generate it?

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Data in the News: Inequality Between the Sexes

Collecting, analyzing, and reporting with data can be daunting. The person that SAGE Publishing — the parent of MethodSpace — turns to when it has questions is Diana Aleman – editor extraordinaire for SAGE Stats and U.S. Political Stats. And now she is bringing her trials, tribulations, and expertise with data to you in this […]

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About Data Visualizations: Bar Graphs

What is a bar graph? Simple but powerful, bar graphs are one of the most common charts used to compare categorical data, which are data that can be grouped into categories like race and sex. Bar graphs are also unique in design because they can be displayed horizontally or vertically. Bar graphs are helpful for […]

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About Data Visualizations: Line Graphs

What is a line graph? From news articles to math class, line graphs show up everywhere, so it’s important to understand them. A line graph is a data visualization type used to track how values change over time. They are particularly useful for tracking trends, which help us more quickly and easily determine when data […]

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See it! Videos on Visualizations

See how data visualization works! Access videos, plus books, cases, and other resources about data visualization in qualitative and quantitative research with this SAGE Research Methods Reading List.

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