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Q & A: Dissertation to Book?

We received lots of questions in our recent webinar about publishing books, so we’re answering them in a series of posts. This questioner asks about moving from dissertation or thesis to book.

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Dissertation/Thesis Tips from TAA

Are you working on your dissertation or thesis as part of Academic Writing Month (and beyond)? The Textbook and Academic Authors Association offers this free e-book about writing your doctoral dissertation or thesis: Dissertation Writing Tips & Strategies. This 30-page ebook includes: 6 Ways to Overcome Challenges to Writing Your Dissertation 6 Do’s & Don’ts of Editing […]

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Writing Strategies and Ethical Considerations

Writing the Proposal Arguments Presented in a Proposal It is helpful to consider early in planning the study the major points that need to be addressed in a proposal. These points—or topics—all need to be interconnected to provide a cohesive picture of the entire project. For us, these topics seem to span all proposals, whether […]

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Collaborating With Peers to Advance Qualitative Dissertation Methodology

In addition to coursework, the work that students do outside of class can relate directly to dissertation research.  In fact, a range of options may be available to students on and off campus to support dissertation work, including: Funded or sponsored faculty research generally supports graduate student dissertation research. Where faculty serve as a principal […]

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Writing a Doctoral Thesis Differently for Social Justice

Research for Social Good is a MethodSpace focus for October. We are delving into this broad topic with guest posts, interviews, and links to articles or instructional resources. This guest post is by Dr. Ruth Weatherall. After reading her article, “Writing the doctoral thesis differently,” I asked Ruth to tell us more. The article is available open access […]

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