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Why Teach Ethnography to Managers (in Big Data Era)?

In management circles and beyond, companies are rushing to integrate, adapt and exploit big data in their organisations. Moreover, they are willing to recruit nearly anyone with a mention of “big data” or “artificial intelligence” in their resumes. There are nonstop consultant talks and crowded workshops on big data, and academic journals are rushing out […]

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Poetics & Our Identities as Scholars

reative and arts-based methods invite us to think differently about the ways we design and carry out studies, present and share findings. Dr. Ann Cunliffe asks us to take a different kind of creative look: at ourselves as scholars, at our purpose for conducting research, and by extension, at our careers. Ann doesn’t advocate self-absorbed […]

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Nick Seaver on Dissecting the Algorithmic Organism

When discussing the nexus of computer science and social science, the transaction is usually in one direction – what can computer scientists do for social scientists. But a recent paper from Tufts University anthropologist Nick Seaver reverses that flow, using the tool of ethnography to interrogate the tools of engineering. His “Algorithms as culture: Some tactics […]

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Lessons from Popular Ethnographies

This post is part of a series to explore lessons learned from qualitative research articles published in 2017 SAGE journals.  Two ethnographies were popular with readers of SAGE journal articles in 2017. “Knowledge of practice: A multi-sited event ethnography of border security fairs in Europe and North America” was most cited (Baird, 2017) and “Algorithms as culture: […]

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Arab Spring: Ethnography in a Time of Upheaval

In this interview with Leila Zaki Chakravarti, sociologist Mona Abaza explores how the obstacles encountered by researchers doing fieldwork in enduring political upheavals are addressed in the context of contemporary Egypt. Chakravarti is a research fellow at the SOAS Centre for Gender Studies at London University. She is currently publishing a monograph based on her PhD fieldwork […]

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Methods in Action: Ethnographic Study of Street Gangs

Why does the Homeric of ‘violent’ seem so wedded to the term ‘street gang’? There’s a number of reasons, of course, but one of them comes from the stories that established gang members pass down to their initiates, making the idea of violence as much as geography part of the gang’s identity. That’s a key […]

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