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Working Across Contexts: Practical Considerations of Doing Indigenist/Anti-Colonial Research

Although Indigenous scholars have been documenting Indigenous research methodologies, little has been written on the practical considerations of doing research across Indigenous/Settler contexts. Read this open access article as part of the Indigenous & Intercultural Research focus this month.

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Introducing the Get Creative Webinar Panel: Melissa Nolas

will be a panelist for the upcoming webinar, where she will share an example of creative multimodal methods utilized in the Childhood Publics study. Join us and learn more about these truly creative approaches for studying sensitive topics with young participants.

Categories: Creative Methods, Focus Series, Multimodal, Other, Presentation, Visuals, and Creativity, Qualitative, Webinars

Tags: Ethnography, Participatory Methods, Visualize, Webinar

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ICYMI: Qual Data Analysis Series at a Glance

Qualitative data analysis was a focus for April. Each post includes links to open access articles, chapters, and books. You can find the series, and any posts we add on this topic, through this link.

Categories: Data Analysis, Focus Series, Instruction, Other, Qualitative, Research, Teaching, Tools and Resources

Tags: Action Research, Diary, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Janet Salmons, Participatory Methods, QualDataAnalysis

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Learn from Research Cases: Visual Ethnography

Five SAGE Research Cases were featured in a series of posts on the topic of collaboration. In a new series of posts we revisit these cases to explore the research designs and approaches used to conduct each respective study. The cases are open access until the end of February, 2019.  If the links have expired you can access them […]

Categories: Focus Series, Instruction, Other, Qualitative, Research, Research Skills, Teaching

Tags: Ethnography, Janet Salmons, Research Cases, SAGE Research Methods Cases, Visual Maps

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A Case of Collaboration, Part 4

In this focus on collaboration we will look at the various ways researchers and academic writers work together. This is part of a series of posts based on SAGE Research Cases.  The selected cases are open access until the end of February, 2019.  If the links have expired you can access them through with a 30-day […]

Categories: Focus Series, Instruction, Research, Teaching, Tools and Resources

Tags: Collaboration, Ethnography, SAGE Research Methods Cases

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Adventures in Setting up a New Journal

During the month of December the Focus Series will explore ways researchers, writers, academics, and students collaborate to conduct and write about research. In this guest post, Melissa Nolas and Christos Varvantakis discuss their collaborative project: starting a new scholarly journal. In being invited to contribute this post we both had to think long and hard about whether there […]

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Tags: Collaboration, Ethnography, Janet Salmons, Journals

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