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Fall Focus Series on MethodSpace

This fall we will explore thematic series each month, with original posts, featured articles and media, interviews with researchers, reading lists, and mentor tips from experts.  Find the whole series of posts here. Join the MethodSpace community so you can comment on posts to add your own insights and share resources other readers might find […]

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Revive Old Writing Project, or Let It Die?

No matter how organized or productive we are, sometimes we run out of ideas, enthusiasm, time, or all of the above. The piece of writing we thought would change the world is now gathering dust. In this series of posts, I’ve been exploring issues writers face when they are stymied by incomplete writing projects. Options […]

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Keeping Writing Projects Alive

Has this happened to you? You have brilliant insights and are raring to go on the new writing project, then life happens. The project slips to the bottom of the pile, then you move it off your desk altogether. One day something happens that triggers your memory: oh yeah, I was writing on that topic…where […]

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How to Revive Academic Writing Left for Dead?

We can find endless reasons to set aside a piece of writing. Perhaps we are distracted by another priority or opportunity,  We hit a writers’ block of some kind, and move on to something else. The forces of inertia might hold you back. Or, if we are to be candid, we might just be sick […]

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4 Steps to Designing an Award-Winning Poster

A good academic conference poster serves a dual purpose: it is both an effective networking tool and a means by which to articulately communicate your research. But many academics fail to produce a truly visually arresting conference poster and so opportunities to garner interest and make connections are lost. Tullio Rossi offers guidance on how to produce an outstanding conference poster, considering the scripting, concept, design, and logistics.

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How to Get The Most of an Academic Conference

Going to an academic conference is an exciting opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and exchange stimulating ideas. However, to make the most of a conference requires a lot of hard work before, during, and after the meeting itself. Marta Teperek provides a checklist of things to do at each of these stages.

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Six Academic Writing Habits That Boost Productivity

What’s the secret to a productive spell of writing? Chris Smith shares insights gleaned from interviews with a diverse group of academics, from which a number of common academic writing habits stood out. These range from the simple acts of scheduling and setting self-imposed deadlines, to the use of “free-writing” techniques which help authors write their way out of blocks.

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SRM Social Bookmarking with Reading Lists

This series of posts corresponds to the 2018 SAGE Research Methods Open House. If you would like to access the SAGE e-books, articles, case studies, videos, and datasets mentioned in these posts, explore SAGE Research Methods with a free trial. This is the first of a series of posts about the Reading List feature in […]

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