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Teaching Methods: Some Trends in the Literature

The MethodSpace focus for August is on teaching research methods. We will follow on in September, with a focus on mentoring, supervising, and guiding researchers. You can find the whole series here, including information about the September 12 webinar,”Nurturing the Researchers of Tomorrow.” Research methods are hard to learn, and a challenge to teach. The […]

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Teach research methods: Start with a culture of inquiry

One principle is common across all methodologies and methods: research is about asking questions. We conduct research to find and test solutions to problems. A researcher’s mindset is not set, instead it is open to new insights– or to being proven wrong. How do we teach in ways that help our students learn how to approach problems with open minds, and to craft and conduct research?

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Teaching to Foster Critical & Creative Thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking for Researchers is a focus on MethodSpace this September. Previous posts have explored ways we use different thinking skills throughout stages of the research process and offered links to related resource materials. As instructors, mentors, or dissertation supervisors, how can we help students develop these habits of mind? These MethodSpace posts offer some ideas […]

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5 Ways to Use SRM Reading Lists 4 Teaching Methods

This series of posts corresponds to the 2018 SAGE Research Methods Open House. If you would like to access the SAGE e-books, articles, case studies, videos, and datasets mentioned in these posts, explore SAGE Research Methods with a free trial. Reading Lists are a feature of the SAGE Research Methods library. This social bookmarking tool […]

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