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Nurturing Researchers Webinar Q & A

More questions were posted than we had time to answer during the during the Nurturing the Researchers of Tomorrow webinar. This is the first of a series of posts in response. Q. I understand that Nicola Pallit’s work was based on postgraduate research. I feel like undergraduate research has been neglected. After all, they will […]

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Teach Research Methods: Start With a Culture of Inquiry

One principle is common across all methodologies and methods: research is about asking questions. We conduct research to find and test solutions to problems. A researcher’s mindset is not set, instead it is open to new insights– or to being proven wrong. How do we teach in ways that help our students learn how to approach problems with open minds, and to craft and conduct research?

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Teaching & Mentoring with Open Access SAGE Research Methods Journals

Pointing students or mentees to articles that describe or exemplify research methods is part of the role we take as methods faculty or dissertation/thesis supervisors. Open access journals are useful when you don’t have a robust academic library. Here are some SAGE journals you can tap for readings, with a recent article from each.

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Teaching & Supervising Research: Podcasts

Research in Action is a terrific resource from Oregon State University’s Ecampus Research Unit. Katie Linder, RIA Director, finds and interviews smart, interesting trailblazers. With notes and instructor guides for each podcast, they are excellent for classroom, seminar, or other teaching and learning purposes. Get your headphones on and enjoy!

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